Dirgodazamol Industries Company started its activity in 1378 with the aim of producing high quality refractory ceramic products with special production technology. These products are used as heat-resistant layers or thermal insulation in high-temperature industrial applications such as chemical and petrochemical industries (olefin, methanol), ferrous metals (iron ore pelletizing, direct regeneration of iron ore, steel, cast iron), non-ferrous metals ( aluminum, copper), ceramics (tile, porcelain, glass, cement) etc. are used.

The existence of a refractories research and development center as well as suitable laboratory equipment to evaluate the physical, mechanical, thermomechanical and chemical properties of products such as thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, refractory limit, thermal shrinkage, compressive and bending strength and resistance to destruction against carbon monoxide gas is an advantage. are the specials of this company. Obtaining ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certificates as well as ISO 17025 certificate from TUV company provides the conditions to assure customers of providing quality products.

In 2016, this company was recognized as a knowledge-based company and has been ranked among the most successful knowledge-based companies by producing many types of refractory products. This company has an annual production capacity of 2.5 million of different types of insulated refractory bricks and is considered as one of the big and reliable suppliers of this product. Also, the production of low-iron calcium aluminate refractory cements in 2018 was another important step in the direction of localization and self-sufficiency of raw materials needed by the country's refractory industries.